Why I Attend HCC

We asked several folks from the church about why they attend Heights Community Church. At the very least, if you decide to visit, we hope you will be able to recognize a few faces.

“Heights Community Church is just the right size church, not too big not too small!

Our church provides my family and me the opportunity to grow and serve the Lord by supporting, participating and serving our church . It’s nice to be needed some time!

Heights Church is a family oriented congregation, where our seniors, families and young adults truly care for each other in a Christian way. I love our church congregation and for its history, it’s grace and our dedication to grow – through families and individuals, who need a church home.”

– Clay Lester

“Why do I attend Heights Community Church? I have been attending Virginia Heights since birth and I had a great youth group that kept me here through my teenage years. Once I married Sam we became involved in the couples Sunday School class.

I feel that Sunday Small Group is a great way to meet others and to build a bond with those who believe in God.

The bond I have with those at Heights Community Church keeps me coming back and it has been great bringing up my children in a church where they can learn and experience the great things that God has planned for us.”

– Amy Lowman

“I have been a member of HCC since 1961. Initially, I was unable to attend as regularly as I would have liked because of work commitments. In recent years, I have been able to be involved in all aspects of church life. The things that I enjoy most about attending HCC are: the warm friendly people that worship here; the fact that I know so many of these people and am aware of some of their needs as they are aware of some of mine. This closeness enhances my worship experience. I feel blessed to be a part of this church.”

Dr. Doug Pierce