About HCC

The HCC Story…

Heights Community Church launched in October 2014 as a result of vision and a commitment by the congregation to have a more engaging future. Previously, the congregation was known as Virginia Heights Baptist Church.

As with many established, mainline churches, Virginia Heights Baptist Church had been in numerical decline for sixty years having peaked in 1962. The current pastor, Nelson Harris, prayerfully sought to lead the congregation in a new direction with worship and ministries that would be more relevant and meaningful to current and future generations. Our pastor presented a vision for the church in March 2014 that included bold changes in our worship that involved moving to two different worship experiences (“contemporary” at 10:30am and “traditional” at 8:45am), casual dress, worship ensembles to lead music accompanied by an instrumental ensemble, small groups, ministries “beyond the walls” of the church, and much more. That spring, the congregation after much prayer and discussion voted overwhelmingly to adopt Pastor Harris’ vision and began a six-month transition process culminating in the launch of Heights Community Church that fall. The new name reflected the church’s change, its broader reach, and its desire to remove barriers to any who wish to come and encounter God’s presence in worship and service.

Since our launch, our church has grown numerically, spiritually and in service. Our growth is the most we have had in a half-century, and we view that as an affirmation of our desire to truly be good stewards of Christ’s church and embarking upon a new chapter for God’s glory and our congregation’s future.

Heights Community Church still maintains its Baptist beliefs and practices and its affiliations (Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and Baptist General Association of Virginia), but is open and welcoming to those from a variety of Christian backgrounds and inviting to those who may be experiencing a Christian community for the first time.

Our pastor has been with us since 1999, and he and the ministerial staff are committed to leading a congregation that has a heart for worship, service to the community, and sharing God’s love as embodied in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

While contemporary and casual, Heights Community Church is a different kind of contemporary congregation. We worship in a historic sanctuary, occasionally use hymns within the blend of the best praise and worship music, have a worship ensemble that uses both electric and acoustic instruments, is multi-generational, and invite men and women to share equally in their talents and gifts for worship and congregational leadership.

Come experience Heights Community Church this Sunday!